What to do with all the cars in ten years?

When the oil ends

According to even the most optimistic forecasts, we are running out of gasoline in 5-10 years… so what do we do with all the dino-cars, that so much defined our culture, when we can’t use them anymore?

Two people trying to grill a car
What to do with cars when we run out of oil?

Once  I read  that the difference between trails and roads is that you use trails to get around, and roads to get away… but it take more than a road to leave…  and when the gasoline is gone, how will we change?

Maybe we, as many hope, will find back to ourselves, slow down and get back to getting around, to create trails in our neighbourhoods,  to start (again) to support our local communities,  shops and farmers, and re-design our culture and lives around places, instead of around cars, as we do now.

Read more about when the gasoline ends on: peakOil on Wikipedia

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