Wolf watercolor sketches

Collection of Wolf  Watercolors

Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt

Watercolor of wolfs, fast sketches
Wolf Watercolor sketches

Maybe the most impressive long distance hiker in the world is the wolf. It can walk for more than hundred miles (150km.)  a day, for extended periods and has walked with us for thousand of years.

The last days I’ve done some studies of these amazing animals, that have been our closest allies and maybe even made our walk to all corners of the planet possible, protecting us, walking and hunting with us and in other ways extending our abilities, and minimizing the risks we faced.  As we domesticated them, and started to live together with them, as dogs we have forgotten how connected we are to the wolves.

Especially since we stopped living as nomads and instead started to fear the wolves and to see them as enemies to be eliminated. Unfortunately still today, many people lack understanding of the wolf that would stop all these misunderstandings.

Many indigenous people look at the wolf from a very different angle, and consider wolves equals. Who they admire and respect. Not least because the wolves very complex and loyal group dynamics, that are so close to ours.

The endangered wolf

The wolf  is endangered and has disappeared from where it used to live. The reasons are many, from hunting,  from fear, loss of habitat, road-kills, poisoning and more than anything, from lack of understanding.

This film gives a good introduction to the life of wolves: Living with Wolves

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