Baby Albatrosses and plastic waste

A new film about the tragedy of the Albatrosses on Midway island, show what happens when we humans carelessly dump our plastic waste in rivers and oceans all over the world, instead of recycling it.

Post by Frits Ahlefeldt  feb. 2013, in watercolors

The film Midway, will (when it is released around 2014) show just how beautiful Albatross birds are, but also the daily tragedy of baby albatrosses lying dead on the ground, after they have ingested the colorful plastic waste that drift out to the remote island Midway, where the albatrosses breed.

The good guys that makes the film, (directed by Chris Jordan) has released a very strong trailer for it, See it on their website or see it here:

Watercolors of Albatrosses, my studies, watching the trailer of a very sad film of beautiful birds

It is calculated that 80% of the plastic waste that the baby albatrosses eat, has been dumped into rivers, and first later fload  into the oceans.  The only thing that can change this situation is if we stop throwing our plastic waste in nature, rivers and oceans and instead gets much, much better at recycling it. Not only Albatrosses are killed by the plastic waste, so is a very long list of other sea animals and birds. Including sea turtles, dolphins, penguins.

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