Rainforest frogs, three watercolors

Doing sketches of frogs from the Rainforest

Frogs live everywhere in the humid rainforest and cloud forests, in the trees, down on the ground, in the rivers and in the ponds.  There are the most incredible difference between them and some of them are really beautiful too, they are three more reasons we should stop tropical deforestation now:

Three rainforest frogs
Three of the many endangered frog species in the rainforest

Here are three watercolors of frogs that are disappearing together with the rainforests in central and South America:

Golfo Dulcean Poison dart Frog (Phyllobates vittatus), Watercolor
Tropical forest Frog Watercolor
The Clown Tree Frog (Hyla Triangulum)
Watercolor tree frog
Tree frog (Hyla Punctata)

Most of the places where these frogs live are endangered as the rainforest is disappearing at a rate that is around the same as one whole football field a second. (100.00 km2 a year) And when the rainforest is gone so is its most incredible amount of breathtaking species.

these  watercolors can be used to make more people aware of what we are about to loose.

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