Flashback to my Classic Watercolors in Copenhagen

Thinking back to when I strolled around in Copenhagen with my Watercolor sketch pad

Copenhagen, in Denmark, is my home town and I have been walking around painting watercolors here in what must soon be around 20 years. For the first many years I tried to capture the buildings I saw as precisely as I could (sometimes I still do)

Here is a collection of the watercolors I did around Copenhagen in the summers back then,  both while I was an architect student at the Royal Danish Art Academy (1991-2000), in the years before the digital world took over. And some watercolors from later, when I  changed to and continued my studies in digital communication, in a dot.com frantic setting, and  I used any excuse I could find to head out in the streets painting watercolors again,  instead of trying to predict Facebook, while coding colored lines on computer screens… Thinking back now, it must be almost ten years ago I did most of these watercolors:

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