Science versus magic duel and a couple of sketches

Notes 28 june 2012
An illustration and a couple of watercolors


wizard in a duel with scientist, illustration
Duel between Magic and Science

I’ve seen them meet on the pages on many books, articles and places. Standing back to back waiting and ready, as in a duel, to confront each other with strong and sharp storytelling from very different worlds.

It is the right versus the left, the rational versus the intuitive, the truth versus the paradox. But to me these two perspectives, these two old wizards, professors, experts, seers or what ever-changing names reality puts on them, look like they know each other quite well.

That was enough illustration for today, the rest of the day I spent in company with the printed watercolors of Winslow Homer.

watercolor boat - study of Winslow Homer watercolor
Fast Watercolor – study of Winslow Homer watercolor

Winslow Homer is of the worlds best ever Watercolor artists.

I’ve been studying his watercolors today (again) and copying a few of them.

Watercolor fish study of Winslow Homer watercolor
Watercolor fish – fast study of Winslow Homer Watercolor
Palm tree study of Winslow Homer watercolor
Palm tree – study of Winslow Homer watercolor

then also a fast watercolor sketch of a ballet dancer.

Watercolor sketch - ballet dancer
watercolor – ballet dancer

Words: scientist, wizard, magic, science, duel, argument, discussion, debate, logic, back to back

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