Hiking: Morning on the sacred rocks, Bornholm coast trail

Out hiking again on Bornholm,  in the Baltic Sea. Now on the “Sacred Rocks.” North-East side. Packed down my tent and arrived here on these ancient (+1 billion years) old granite rocks early in the morning.

And as I am up in Scandinavia the sun rise across the Baltic Sea, and hit these coastal rocks in a very beautiful way.

Painting Watercolors and hiking has really been great out here as I slowly hike my way around the island. This time I am on the dramatic rock torn north side of Bornholm.
Here are a few snapshots of my Watercolors so far:

The sacred rocks


Rift valley


Small very old fishing village I walked through (called Gudhjem – “Gods Home”)


Sitting on the art museum now, charging my phone and going through the Watercolors from the hike here so far


Photo: Out on a narrow walkway, over the sea, drying the tent, morning coffee on my MSR stove

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