Electric car drawing

Wonder what it will take to really make the electrical cars more eco-friendly

electric car dragging a windmill
The ultimate electric car solution?

To produce a car is mighty expensive, in energy, in materials, and in the waste produced, even before the one ton iron thing leaves the far away factory. And when people then finally drive the things, one in each, most of the time, just a couple of times a day, while the car slowly starts to rust and starts to fall apart, they waste even more energy.

After 5-10 years, maybe more, the car will end up as waste, maybe a bit of it will be recycled, but the rest will just end up somewhere dripping toxic substances.

I haven’t even start to consider how much the whole road-infrastructure supporting the car-things costs us, both in land, that has now been covered with thick layers of  oil products like friction-lowering asphalt layers. Land that would come to better use for nature, Bio-reserves, and/or farming. But also in the energy, work and effort that it takes to sustain all  the life-supporting systems, that the car-things needs to live their short polluting life.

So  I wonder if new shining cars will make anything sustainable better, or it is just a desperate move, to try to avoid real change, real public transportation and real sustainable development?

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