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Green blue seahorse watercolor

Painting fish in watercolor – here a seahorse

Young Elephant watercolor sketch

Watercolor study of a juvenile elephant walking forward

Four rhino watercolors

Watercolor sketching unseen versions of endangered rhinos

Three birds of Prey Watercolors

Three watercolor paintings – eagle and red kite

Puzzle woman art print up now

New Art prints op online and in Copenhagen

Biodiversity helmet drawing

Can biodiversity keep us safe?

extended thinking hats

YIHAA hat and more – Drawing up a few more passionate hats to keep the classic yes and no hats company

avoid stress #1 Don’t bring your work home

To avoid stress, don’t bring your work home

mind the gap illustration

Change as overcoming the gap

Sketching the flawed logic of cars

Looking into what cars do to the planet and our relationships in drawings

Last round in the robot bar

Drawing future scenarios – Machines and technology are taking over more and more functions

Outdoor school

Teaching kids outdoors in a huge tree drawing

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